“The shooter was welcomed here. He wasn`t looked at as somebody who was an outsider. He wasn`t looked at as someone who was going to come here and harm anybody,” Dulai said.

“What happened on that August 5th was a clear example of hate violence,” Rahul Dubey said.

Members of the Sikh community and the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin say they’re using the tragedy to teach others about understanding and compassion for others.

“We have a lot of shootings going on around the city, around the world, around the nation. How we can make a bigger impact — so that we can spread message of love and compassion?” Dubey said.

To spread that message, the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin is hosting four days of memorial events — including a 48-hour prayer service to remember the victims.

Sikh Temple of Wisconsin shooting victims

“We want to try and make a change outside in the community how we can do that by remembering those by remembering our beloved ones because what we lost we don’t want other people to lose,” Harjinder Singh, Sikh Temple of Wisconsin priest said.

This weekend’s events aren’t just for members of the Sikh community. Everyone is welcome.

Sikh Temple of Wisconsin

Sikh Temple of Wisconsin

“When people walk in that door — doesn`t matter who they are or what religion they are. They are coming into the temple for one reason — to stand with everyone else because they feel the pain,” Dulai said.



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